September 30
iBand in Concert
Last Sunday we pop rocked at the unplugged (a venue in our hometown Vienna).
Not only did we present 7 of our new songs during the 2 hour live performance, but yes, partly we also played on "new" instruments, like a very old one that is called "dulcimer" in English but "Hackbrett" in Austria.

Check out the photos:

3sat neues

Unfortunately the Dublin gig was cancelled.

YouTube Videos of the Concert will be following.

download Vitality
download Life is Greater



September 1
Holiday Rehearsals
We'll perform at a digital noise art festival in Dublin this coming October and several other locations not totally certain yet.

These months we're rehearsing and working on new songs that might just make a nice first Cd eventually.

3sat neues

July 1

em3rge Jam
We did a webcam interview with Hody Hong and his guys over at emCast. You can check it out on their YouTube channel:

3sat neues


May 17
Award Ceremony
The long awaited award ceremony is here!
Check out our longest video so far. This is the final end to our "Vitality Contest" where you'll see us doing some crazy s... ...tuff.

In the very last minute of the video you'll also find a demo of our new song.

3sat neues


Thanks again to everybody who participated. We're very happy you guys made this happen! You can review all submissions and the winners on the Vitality Site.

May 13
Vitality Award Video delayed
As some of you might have noticed: This site is still lacking a closing video for our contest. We just wanna let you know, especially the contestants: It's coming, we're almost done.

May 4
Everybody please vote for us
We're taking part in a Video Contest with our "Life is Greater Video". Please help us get some attention in our home country. Cause Austria is a little slow in general.
Here's the link:

May 3
Vitality Video coming!
We're still working on that Vitality Contest award video.

April 25
Vitality Contest ended today
Today you had a last chance to participate in our Vitality Contest.
We'll post the winner video in about a week. The Vitality site will stay of course.
Thanks for all your great contributions! We love them!!!!

April 21
Tv Show online
The tv show that aired several times this week is now online. There is a cut down iBand only version with English subtitles on YouTube OR the full 20 min in German on 3sat - Neues.

3sat neues


April 12
iBand on German TV tomorrow
the nice people over at the ZDF / 3sat / arte
studios in Mainz invited us to a technology show that airs tomorrow (Sunday April 13th). So if you wondered who the people behind iBand are you might want to watch it.

These are the air times of the show "neues":
Sunday; 16:30 (3sat)
Monday: 7:00 (3sat)
Monday: 9:45 (3sat)
Tuesday: 1:50 (ZDF)
Thursday: 17:30 (ZDF infochannel)

As soon as it's available we'll post a link to the online version of the show so you international folks can see it too. Cheers!

March 31
Vitality Site started
we've opened up the Vitality site. All submissions are and will be posted there. Entry Deadline is the 25th of April.

Vitality Site

Click here for details (Or scroll down)

March 24
"Vitality Contest"
new song
new video
and a contest

Click here for details (Or scroll down)

iPhone ad


Check out our newest creation on YouTube. You can also download it as a song and we hope many of you participate in Vitality:
What makes you feel alive?
Post it on our website!

Click here for details (Or scroll down)

March 24
new song coming today
As you might figure we've been quite busy these days and you haven't heard anything new for quite some time. But we haven't forgotten the iBand and secretly crafted two new songs.
We'll release one of them today and start the "Vitality Contest" with it. Stay tuned!

March 22

news everywhere
Recent important appearances are:

Vienna Paper:
"Standard" (Today)

German Radio:
"Fritz - Trackback" (Today)

American Radio:
"91.7 WVXU" (March 16)

American Paper:
"Washington Post" (March 9)

Australian Paper:
"Sydney Morning Herald" (March 7)

American Paper:
"New York Times" (March 4)

February 29
another video hitting YouTube
In addition to doing that drumming showcase video we also made a version in the form of the original iPhone ads.

iPhone ad


February 29
new homepage up
Wow, we're working our butts off! Here's the new website. Doesn't it shine? Here you can find everything! We even have pictures of the making of the latest video.

February 28

first song released
After a day and a night of practicing we finally got our first song on tape. "Life is Greater than the Internet.
Check it out on YouTube:

Life is Greater than the Internet


February 21
mp3 request
Some of you requested an mp3 version of the jamsession. Unfortunately the quality is too bad so we really can’t release it. I mean, honestly we still need some practice guys and we’re also still lacking a third iPhone. We’ll release an mp3 when we have a real song.
Somebody asked us to play ads after our videos for money. We prefer the donation way.

February 20
So far we posted one video of our first jamsession on YouTube. Since the response was very good we decided to take it further: Right now we’re constantly rehearsing and testing several sound applications that were written for the iPhone.
We’re playing with iAno, PocketGuitar, iPhoneSynth and BeatPhone. If you know of, or develop, any other apps please let us know, we’re very interested in collaborations. The development of instruments for the first handheld device that let’s us create pocketsized music are important to establish this scene!

February 19
Hello everybody.
The iBand was born some days ago so we thought it might be a good idea to have a little website going.


May 17
"iBand - Award Ceremony"

The Award Ceremony video concludes our "Vitality Contest" where we called
for submissions of photos that describe your vitality.
The song in the background is a new track that we're gonna record properly
in July, when the University is over and we have some more time to devote
to the band.

YouTube link

April 13
"iBand on tv"

iBand in "neues".
Excerpts of a German tv show on 3sat.

YouTube link

March 24
"iBand - Vitality"

The Vitality video is a call to be alive and share your most lively moments
with the world
on our website.
Here you see Marina tinkering our very first handcrafted single CD which
will go to the winner of the contest.
The video's song is once more an original iBand composition, played on two
iPhones and an iPod touch with vocals by Marina. This one isn't a live
recording, but kind of like our first "studio version". We're still lacking a
professional mixing genius though :P

Marina - vocals, piano, guitar
Roger - xylophone
Seb - drums

YouTube link

February 29
"iPhone ad - iBand uses Drummer"

We got the chance to be Alpha testers for Mark Terry's Drummer app
. So
we thought we'd pay him back with a little showcase video. This one got out
of hand somewhere, qualitywise. It started simple, but then we tried to
make it look exactly like the original. Check out how we did it in the photo
section below (scroll way down).
Marina played her own iPhone song along. She used MooCowMusic Pianist
and PocketGuitar on her iPod touch (still no iPhone... it's so expensive here)
and did a live recording.

YouTube link

February 28
"iBand - Life is Greater than the Internet"

2 iPhones and an iPod touch, recorded live
through a mixing table
into the camera. Voice was added afterwards. The tune in the middle was
triggered through Seb's drum app.

YouTube link

February 28
"MooCowMusic Drummer"

A showcase video for Mark Terry's drumming app, created by Seb.
The video or sound wasn't tweaked in any way.

YouTube link

February 17
"iBand - jamsession"

This is our first demo. We used 2 iPhones and a Nintendo DS running the
game "Electroplankton" which Roger imported from China some time ago.

YouTube link


download our music here for free:

download Vitality
download Life is Greater

If you like our songs please support us with a little donation. Thanks.


iBand - Vitality

iBand - Life is Greater than the Internet


September 28
Photos of the first iBand concert on September 28th in the Vienna unplugged.
Our Instruments include:
2 iPhones, 1 iPod touch, an acoustic guitar, a dulcimer and a selfmade electric drumset.

Marian is our technician (sitting at the mixers in the back on stage)

February 27
Photos of the Making of the "Life is Greater than the Internet" video

February 23
Photos of the Making of the "iPhone ad - iBand uses Drummer" video




Click Here
check out the Vitality Site

What is the contest about?

What makes you feel alive? Post it on our website!*

It can be something you do every day or something completely new or
different that you always wanted to do, but never tried.

It’s not about being better, higher, wilder -
it’s about doing something that makes you really alive and shows your own vitality!
*(We know sex could be an option – but we’ll leave that in your bedroom... ; ))

What will the winner get?

We will publish ALL transmittals with picture on our homepage.
The winner will have the very first hand crafted and so far only

iBand SINGLE CD!!!
(featuring all 3 songs)

At the end of the contest we’ll shoot a little award ceremony and put in on YouTube.

How can I participate?

Send us a picture that shows your vitality with a short description (5 sentences max.)
of who you are and what your vitality action is about:
subject: „Vitality Contest“.

Entry deadline will be the
25th of April, 2008

So don’t lose time!

We are really looking forward to seeing your ideas!

YouTube link

home videos

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